Welcome to the new Culture Shock TV website!

Hi everyone! Welcome!

We are just starting out on this new adventure and we can’t wait to share more about this project.

The Idea

The premise of the show would be to travel to the world’s most unique festivals ranging from the well known, like “Running of the Bulls” in Spain, to the more obscure, like “Songkran” in Thailand.

jon filming

We would arrive at each location a few weeks before the festivities start; and we would stay with the locals, get immersed in their culture, and make new friends for the upcoming celebration.

Given our history together and all the antics we have gotten into, like taking an 8 foot Banana on a cross-country road trip, we believe we would be entertaining enough to captivate audiences and show travel for what it truly is — an unpredictable adventure.

Opportunity Knocks

opportunity knocks We have worked on this idea for approximately 2 years and finally believe we’re at a place where success may be just around the corner. Plus this is our dream, so WE’RE GOING FOR IT! And we have big news to announce.

We finished shooting our Sizzle Reel a few weeks ago, which is basically a commercial for producers to look at to determine if our concept is good or not, and it is in post production (Editing, Sound, etc.).

We think our Sizzle is going to be funny, intriguing, and make a big impact on people (Kind of like Jess’ gap toothed smile) and we will send a rough cut to you all shortly. In the mean time, enjoy some of the photos from the shoot!

The Time Is Meowtime is meow

We love all of you and hope you will support us in chasing our dream. Please go to Facebook and like our page, provide us with feedback and if you know of anyone who can assist in getting our idea to the right people kindly let us know.


Max, Jess, and Jon

~ Traveling is like flirting with life ~

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