About Max

To get there it takes lots and lots of little steps in the right direction.

Step one: Choose a direction. Say it out loud, write it down, and tell the world!
Step two: Ask yourself every day if you are headed that way
Step three: Don’t get overwhelmed
Step Four: FAIL!!
Step Five: Repeat steps 1-4 a lot

IMG_0249Adventure is like a drug; a drug that buries into the depths of your soul. I am beyond addicted and there is no rehab. I wake up every morning longing for the exciting and the new, the captivating and the breathtaking, the profound and the enchanting.

Since before I could walk, I have set my own path. My parents commonly found me climbing drapes or off exploring new worlds before my diapers even came off.

From the ages of 7-21 I spent almost every summer on some sort of back country expedition: canoeing, kayaking, climbing, hiking, sailing. By the age of 16, I became one of the youngest assistant guides at the camp and spent more than a month that year sleeping under the stars. Every day I had the opportunity to help the next generation of explorers understand the beauty of this world. As my skills grew, so did my trips, and I would eventually embark on a 72 day adventure only seeing civilization a few times to restock our food.

After college I attended grad school in London and I fell in love with exploring othAbout Maxer cultures. I have been fortunate enough to have traveled to over 30 countries and spent more than four years working my way across Europe, Asia, and Australia.

You may think from reading this that a trust fund or well to do parents indulged my whims (which there is nothing wrong with), but I made my way on pure will, working and roughing it the whole time; everything from bartending to scrubbing toilets. Finding creative and challenging adventures is part of what makes your heart beat twice as fast!

Never stop learning! Never stop growing! Never stop the adventure!

– Max Heavenrich-VassilosIMG_0762


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